Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

...First peek at Feb goodies!

Good evening folks!!!! Helen L - cheers for the info - that is definitely an option!!

Gosh it's been a rough start to the year what with all the VAT stuff! I'm finally ready to release some of the goodies that we have planned for this year - are you ready?

We have a bunch of new stamp sets and dies to release and here's how we are going 
to do it this month:

Our new goodies will be available from the 28th - just like we planned, BUT our Design Team will only begin showing their samples on the 28th and the samples will run for another 3 days AFTER the goodies go live in the store.

Reason for this? Well I've had a ton of back stage admin to grapple with due to the complete overhaul in the way online business is changing in Europe. The geniuses in charge of the new scheme were not really on-the-ball about communicating it to all of us small business people (every time I say that I picture a foot high version of myself in a pinstripe suit) and so we found out only two weeks before Christmas that things were changing right from the 1st January 2014! 

Right away we have had to remove all our saleable digitals from the store and until we figure out how to make them available without breaking any laws. We will figure it out in time, but just as we were hitting our stride with a static release date (every 28th) we realised that we were not going to be able to make the January release happen. Everything got pushed right back, including stamp production, and so here we are - February release is upon us - it feels good to be stamping and not computing!!!
Pop back tomorrow for another peek - goodies go live on Saturday night and I am sooooo looking forward to what you make of this release, it's an interesting mix!

Today's peek is a set that first came to mind 6 years ago when I began WMS, it took that long to make it out of the sketchbook! LOL!

Thursday, 19 February 2015 really, I am working....

So since I can't show you what I'm's a peek at what's on my desk. We are gearing up for our February release - full details soon - we have 3 stamp sets and a bunch of new dies coming...all will be available on the 28th February, but I thought I'd post this, just in case you all got to thinking that I'm just sitting here drinking tea and eating chocolate... :)

Thursday, 5 February 2015

... How to art....?

If you remember, please let me know, I have forgotten. I need a Valentines card. I really, nearly, I mean it was in my hand, bought a card for DH last week at the grocery shop. January has been a helluva month - EU law compliance, tax month, the WMS sale, school visits, (my middle chick is moving to big school this year) but I baulked at the idea of paying an actual 5 pound note for a mass produced card, I mean I have every craft tool under the sun, I have cardstock by the acre, what the hell was I thinking? (btw for your information, NO handmade Christmas cards escaped Casa Brennan this year, not one.)

I don't know if it was embarrassment that kicked in, I can't claim that it was artistic pride, but I couldn't do it. I have to make DH a card.

Thing is, I sometimes forget how to art. Six years ago I'd a stamped myself a bit of patterned paper, cut out a label shape, slid a bit of ribbon across the centre, popped a sentiment on the label and stuck it right smack dab in the centre. Job done.

Card making has evolved a little since then and there's a move towards what I like to call 'Art cards' folks all over the planet are watercolouring, zentanglng, hand lettering, foiling - it looks fabulous and I'll be right out to join you, soon as I finish my homework. In the meantime, here's a little number it only took me 3 days to put together....  in between Tax returns and other glamorous admin tasks..... bet you envy me...

So for my 6.5 by 4.5 inch card, I used the Zig Zag Bacgrounder - I swiped a teal coloured ink pad rather randomly across it and then spritzed with green inky water, I smoothed some watercolour paper down on that and peeled it off to reveal a suitably arty background. I used the My Heart dies to cut the heart shapes and coloured two of them with watercolours. The smaller heart at the top was also stamped with a knitted texture from Faux Fun and the middle heart was clear embossed with a stamp from My Heart Stamp set before being watercoloured. I added some vellum into the bottom heart, and mounted all over some sequins that I just glued on randomly. The wooden word was from a pack of wooden words I found at a 'The Works' store last week. Their budget crafting items are quite good sometimes. The wee shiny gold heart at the top was die cut from a larger sequin using the heart grommet die from Folding tags die set.

Monday, 26 January 2015

...It's here...THE WMS SALE

Please note only USA residents should select USA stock, all other orders ship from UK, so please select UK stock if you are not a USA resident! thank you! 

Please also note that other discounts will not be valid with this sale.

Please note only USA residents should select USA stock, all other orders ship from UK, so please select UK stock if you are not a USA resident! thank you!

Please note only USA residents should select USA stock, all other orders ship from UK, so please select UK stock if you are not a USA resident! thank you!

Please note only USA residents should select USA stock, all other orders ship from UK, so please select UK stock if you are not a USA resident! thank you! 

Folks, welcome to THE WMS sale. We are now in our 6th year of business and we have a LOT of stock. With all of the upcoming changes to EU legislation, which will directly affect how we do business in future, we are taking this opportunity to reduce our inventory. This will make it easier for us to handle the changes, some of which have to be implemented now and some of which have to be in place before 1 January 2016.

This might seem like a long way away, but we have a lot to do this year if we want to remain EU compliant and also to carry out plans we already had such as a new and improved webstore. So we need to start now, today!

There are some fantastic bargains to be had and I would urge you to shop the retiring sale first as when those are gone, I have no plans to restock them.

We do not operate sales on a regular basis and have no plans to do so in the future - we pride ourselves on bringing unique product to you at the best possible price, so this may be your one chance to grab your favourite set at a great price.

This sale event will run until just before midnight this coming Sunday (1st Feb) or until stock runs out. Some of the sets are limited in stock at present and we will not be restocking anything before the end of the sale.

We hope you get some bargain goodies and please, tell all of your friends!!