Wednesday, 3 February 2016

...Spring Cleaning Sale

Folks I am doing a little spring cleaning here at WMS, I could use some extra space and so I have some winter themed sets that I'm going to put on special offer. I'm going to give 20% off the following sets from now until next Wednesday, sort of a belated January sale.

If you would like to bag some super winterish/Christmasish stuff, now's the time to pounce. 
Some of these sets are more 'in-stock' than others...

Use this code to get your 20% off the selected sets:


Click the image above to see which sets are in the offer:

Monday, 25 January 2016

... Overcomplicated much?

OK, hands up, I know I'm not the only one - who else overcomplicates things for themselves? 

Every so often, in fact every 7-8 years I seem to reach a sort of crossroads - medical people will probably say its something to do with the cycle of brain cells renewing/dying off, or maybe just dying off now that I'm over the hill, - sends the body into some sort of panic - "MUST do more - MUST try something else before it's too late..." that sort of thing....

I'm a bit of a craftaholic, I've tried lots of crafts and I don't tire of them so much as get overwhelmed by an urge to pick up a new one - the existing what-ever-it-is takes a back seat while I immerse myself in the new thing... from time to time, I pick up the old things and footer a little more

Seven years ago, the new thing was stamping, and I love stamping, I work at stamping. Before that I was a quilter. Before that I doodled at watercolours. I'm a person who needs a hobby, something to footer at when I'm not sorting out children/house/work, and recently work has become so complicated (EU VAT bumf - you don't want to know). I need something less complicated to make me feel like I can still create... so I picked up the crochet hook again, you might have seen my wee shawl I made on instagram, 

Crochet is good. Simple. Take-along-able. It's not like I have oodles of time, so every moment counts, waiting in the car, picking up children. Perfect....until...knitting....

Now, knitting is something I can really get my teeth into, especially colourwork, fairisle, stranded stuff... except that what happens next is that I want to make my own knitting designs, which is something new that I have to learn..... which becomes complicated, because I'm a total immersion kind of learner. I'm not content to pick things up bit by bit over years, I'm the sort that wants to know everything. Now. Today. My head aches with anticipation for all the things I need to find out about knitting, but I have oodles of stuff that I need to do make dinner...pick up the kids, send out shipping notes for the store... the never ending to do list, so whatever I'm gonna knit, it's gonna have to be small...

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Advent Calendar Extravaganza with Taheerah Atchia

Hello and Welcome! - It's Christmas Eve and here at Waltzingmouse Stamps we are super thrilled to be popping up behind door 24 on Taheerah's terrific Advent Calendar today!

Advent Calendar Extravaganza is -the- festive event of the season! This ‘hop with a twist’ was dreamed up by Taheerah Atchia and features surprise destinations each day! Joining in the fun with Taheerah are over 60 special guests - each serving up some fantastic Christmas inspiration! Just like an Advent Calendar, you’ll never know where you’re going to be visiting next until you ‘open the door’!

And that’s not all! With 25 *amazing* sponsors taking part as well, your crafty wish list is bound to get a boost with a chance to win a prize EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Join in the fun every day at to see what special surprises wait behind the door!

"Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!" I thought that a bunch of adorable sugar fondant mice would make a neat last moment gift - taking literally seconds to create if you cheat with ready roll fondant and almonds for ears! I'm all about fast! The perfect match for a bunch of mice was a tag made using the Waltzingmouse Stamps 'Twas the night set. Currently discontinued, I'm thinking about bringing it back - I've had a few requests! Check with Taheerah for prize details and GOOD LUCK!

Off to herd this lot into a gift Box...

It’s not a party without a prize - and with prizes every day there are several chances to win! Today’s prize is supplied by us here at Waltzingmouse Stamps so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it! Simply leave a comment on this post to enter - then head back to and leave a comment there too to double your chances! Don’t forget to grab the other surprise destinations from Taheerah’s blog and head over to them to leave comments there as well to improve your odds even more! You have until 7am EST on Thursday 31st December to leave all your comments!

Don’t forget the Advent Calendar Extravaganza runs from 1st-25th December inclusive so make sure you visit every day for fabulous inspiration and amazing prizes every single time! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

...Christmas Arrangements at the store

Folks Christmas is nearly upon us and I just wanted to post some info regarding Christmas shipping arrangements at the store - We will be shipping every week day up until the 18th December. From the 18th we will be taking a break from shipping for the Christmas Vacation. Shipping will resume on the 8th January. I may do one pick up here in UK in the middle of the holidays but the US orders will not resume until the 8th Jan.

This pic is an oldie but goodie - Jennifer Holmes made this cracking little ornament with the Seasonal Remedies set from WMS.

I have a post or two scheduled for the blog before Christmas so I'll not say cheerio just yet, but I do hope your Christmas prep is running smoothly - chat soon! :)